Pumpkin Walk 2015

We are very excited about our 10th Annual Pumpkin Walk at Choate Park.  For those of you that haven’t been before this is a fun and festive fall event where people walk around the path around the pond to view hundreds of pumpkins that have been carved into traditional, unique, and creative jack-o-lanterns.  It is very dark on the Choate path which makes the event fun and makes the pumpkins stand out against the dark night.  Don’t forget to bring a flashlight so you can see the path and your kids!   In terms of pumpkins- the more the merrier so please consider bringing a carved pumpkin to the Choate tennis courts by 5:00 that day.  It is fun for kids and adults alike to see their own pumpkins as part of this fun town event.
The event is typically very crowded from 7:00-8:00 so the little ones can come out before going to bed.   8:00-9:00 tends to be the quieter hour if you are looking to avoid the large crowds and so that you can better see the pumpkins.
There will be fires in Choate Pond to add to the festivities and the concession stand will be open selling cookies, warm cider and popcorn as in years past.  We also have pumpkin glow wands for sale.   All proceeds benefit Choate Park.
Please join us for this fun event to kick off Halloween weekend.  In order to collect your pumpkins to bring them home for Halloween night you can come back just before 9:00 to grab it off the path or help volunteers collect the 100’s of pumpkins to bring them to the picnic tables near the concession stands where you can collect yours later that night or the next morning.   For those of you that don’t come back for your pumpkin it will be donated to the Medway Community Farm’s compost pile.
If it rains on Friday the rain date will be Sunday November 1st from 7:00-9:00.
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