Pumpkin Walk 2014


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One Response to Pumpkin Walk 2014

  1. choateparkfriends says:

    TONIGHT is the big night! Don’t forget….
    1. Carve & Bring your pumpkins and tea lights to the park by 4:00 to have them included in the festivities. The more the merrier!
    2. Bring flashlights! It gets VERY dark out there without them!
    3. Parking at Cassidy Fields only! Handicapped parking only at Choate Park. Come later to avoid the parking crunch of younger families trying to get their kids home to bed. Our event runs till 10:00! Hit the Boy Scout’s Haunted House first at the Episcopal Church and then come to Choate!
    4. FYI: The Choate building is under construction so there are currently no bathrooms at the park. There are 2 porta potties.
    5. Please remember to pick up your pumpkins at the end of the event or the next day at the park. Enjoy them at the walk and on your front stoop for Halloween!
    6. Warm cider and cookies will be sold to support FOCP and our efforts to continue to improve the park. The event is free. Good clean fall fun!

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